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Select the professional writing expertise that will vastly increase your opportunities. Hiring our professional resume writer will pay off every day throughout your career in salary, benefits, and status.

Paul Freiberger, President of Shimmering Resumes, is an award-winning writer and communications specialist. He personally oversees each resume and guides your job search strategy.

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Paul Freiberger has helped people get a job at these companies, among others:

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"To all those looking for help with your resume, interview guidance/coaching.... finding the right job for you period, if you don't select Shimmering Resumes you have not considered your best option. Paul is brilliant, caring, attentive and has for me gone way beyond his "obligated" scope. The service is outstanding and you can count on them being with you every step of the way. 10 stars and 10 thumbs up for this organization. And as important, you can trust them. Give it a go, you will be amazed at the results!!!!!"
- John H., Mill Valley, CA

" Shimmering Resumes to the rescue! I needed my resume updated for a potential opportunity, and had a very short timeline. Paul came through in a big way, not only was he efficient, it was extremely well written and I thought, a bargain for the end result. I am very satisfied with Shimmering Resumes."
- Pat W., Sunnyvale, CA

As you can see from the video and my reviews, my clients get results. How can I
help you?

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My experience with Shimmering Resumes was exceptional and helped my career. You led me through each step of the job search, getting me ready for job interviews and planning a search that got me interviews. I was impressed with the way you gathered my career history for the resume. You helped me think of my successes and now my resume makes me look much more qualified.

--Anthony L., San Mateo, CA January 2015

The best professional resume service and I’ve used several during my career! Shimmering Resumes stuck with me even when I doubted that I’d find a job during tough times and I always felt that I could call if I ever needed advice for a job interview or how to use LinkedIn or figure out when to follow up. Now I’m truly happy with my new job. Great practical help that improved my bottom line.

--Jeanie L., San Jose, CA February 2015

I very much appreciated working with Paul at Shimmering Resumes. He is personable, thoughtful, experienced and very smart! He helped me uncover talents not yet clearly articulated, and engage in the process of finding the right opportunity with a new mindset. I have referred multiple people to him and I'm glad to send anyone his way.

--Amy H., San Francisco, CA December 2014

Like a maestro and a psychologist all in one, Paul sat me down and helped me uncover and recover parts of my professional past that rebranded me for a tough job market and a career shift. I can't tell you how much I needed that when I did, and I'm grateful.

--Shawn R., Oakland, CA December 2014

I received this service as a college graduation gift from my mom... And it was the best gift I received!

--Stephanie T., Oakland, CA June 2014

I couldn't be happier with this service and won't hesitate to call up Paul again. Just as we all need great doctors, mechanics and lawyers, Paul is now on that list.

--Krystal E., San Jose, CA July 2014

Paul spent a lot of time with me preparing for my interviews, guiding me on what to say and not to say during the important first interview. This helped me go into interviews confident and calm.

--Mitch K., San Jose, CA March 2014

I hired Shimmering Resumes after a long search to find the best resume and Linkedin profile writer. I really appreciate the resume you created and all the extra advice you’ve given me. I think you really get me!

--Cynthia P., Hillsborough, CA, July 2014

I was more hopeful in my job search and in job interviews after getting the new resume and wound up with two offers and I now have the best job I’ve ever had.

-- Les P., Mountain View, CA (now in New York) July 2014

I’ve landed the internship. I am so happy! Tell anyone who asks how we started working before I got my degree so I could start my job search before other new grads. I’m on a good career path now in the entertainment industry.

-- C.S., Los Angeles, CA April 2014

Paul helped me overcome fears after going through a layoff. He wrote two different resumes for me and brought me up to date on Linkedin. He showed the usefulness of my military experience. I started getting interviews in a week. And recruiters are finding me on Linkedin.

--EB, U.S. Coast Guard HR Support Specialist, San Diego, CA, September 2013

This is the resume I was hoping for. It looks so good and I’m going to send others to Shimmering Resumes. The recruiter told me it’s the best resume he’s seen in a long time.

--Howard L. New York City, NY, April 2013

Paul took the time to understand my work history and background and turn it into something great. I have already recommended Shimmering Resumes to multiple friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Paul for the great work!

--Frederik H. (See Frederik’s full review on my LinkedinProfile.)

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